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Need An Attorney To Handle A Will Or Probate Matter?

If you’re dealing with a complicated probate matter, you can count on the team at Winnie A. Bates, Attorney at Law, to guide you through it. Our probate attorney has nearly two decades of estate planning experience and can provide assistance with various will and probate matters. If you’ve been entrusted with executing a loved one’s estate, our legal team will help you resolve any legal disputes that may arise during the administrative process and ensure the wishes of the deceased are carried out.

Prepare For The Future With A Well-Written Will

Our firm can help make your wishes upon passing legally binding with a will. Drafting a will can:

  • Determine where your property will go
  • Determine each family member’s share in your assets
  • Keep your property from going to heirs who shouldn’t receive it
  • Protect your treasured belongings

Want to save your loved ones from dealing with future probate issues? Ask our firm about preparing a will package.

Find Out How Our Firm Can Help You Plan Your Estate

Discuss your assets and desires for the future with our knowledgeable attorney. She’ll help you draft your will and make sure all of the appropriate paperwork is handled correctly. To request an initial consultation, you can contact the firm online or call 512-877-6255.