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Throughout the United States, marriage is not considered as important as it once was. Couples are building lives and having children together without ever tying the knot. While there is nothing wrong with this approach, it can create some legal complications if the couple ever decides to part ways.

In Texas, child custody proceedings are a standard part of divorce among married parents. But for those who were never married to one another, important child-related decisions will need to be reached through a suit affecting the parent-child relationship (SAPCR). If you need legal representation in a SAPCR matter in Round Rock, the firm to contact is Winnie A. Bates, Attorney at Law. Our attorney brings decades of family law experience to each case and client, and she will be a passionate advocate for you and your children.

Which Issues Can Be Covered In A SAPCR Matter?

A suit affecting the parent-child relationship is likely to cover the same important decisions that would be made in custody proceedings if the parents had been married and were now getting divorced. They include:

  • Which parent has the authority to make important decisions about the child’s care and upbringing (the default in most cases is to give both parents equal authority, known as joint managing conservatorship)
  • How much child support is needed and which parent will pay it (this also includes related costs such as health insurance for the child or children)
  • The schedule of the allotted time that each parent gets to spend with their children (known in other states as physical custody)
  • Placing geographic restrictions on both parents to ensure that they don’t move too far away from one another with the children

Parents can negotiate these terms with one another and in consultation with their attorneys. This is often the preferred method because it gives parents more control over the outcome and saves time, money and stress. However, these decisions can also be made by a judge if parents cannot reach an agreement.

Regardless of the method that you want or need to use, attorney Bates will advocate vigorously to protect the best interests of your children and your relationship with them. She can also represent you if you need to seek modifications to an existing court order.

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