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Are you entering a battle for child custody? Do you need child support from your former spouse? Winnie A. Bates, Attorney at Law, is a child custody law firm in Round Rock, Texas. Our law office has the experience you need for cases involving child custody issues. Child custody covers the rights and obligations between two parents. This can include physical custody, legal custody and decision-making rights. We handle child-related situations in the most professional and compassionate manner.

We’ll Focus On The Way Your Image Is Portrayed In Court

In most cases, a court bases its decision on the child’s wishes, each parent’s nurturing role and the relative circumstances of the parties going into the future. We will help you paint the best image of yourself and dispel any labels that may be pushed on you. Our attorney can help you determine:

  • The amount owed for child support
  • An established parenting plan
  • Revisions to a parenting plan

We will coach you through the entire process while being mindful that the court evaluates your behavior inside and outside of court.

Discuss Your Legal Needs And Learn About Your Options

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